Rye Coalition: live & in-person!

It took 5 years to get the Hard Luck Five together again onstage– but yes, it happened. And it was epic. All original band members played a sold-out show in honor of Jack Leto’s 70th birthday. Ralph Cuseglio, Jon Gonnelli, Dave Leto, Gregg Leto, Justin Angelo Morey, and Herbert Wiley V played songs from Rye’s catalog in chronological order from 1994′s “Teen-age Dance Session” through 2006′s Dave Grohl-produced “Curses” album. The entire set was recorded and videotaped by Jenni Matz and it’s now been edited into a two-hour DVD available only through this website. Order here or contact us.

Rye Coalition Live & in Person (2011) DVD trailer

The show was recorded by Ryan Gross of Killing Horse Records at Maxwells in Hoboken, NJ on February 19, 2011 and mixed by recording engineer Paul Fig (Alice in Chains, Bluebird, Deftones, Donita Sparks, The Mars Volta). Original artwork by Daniel Rumain. Songs include: “Sensation”, “Baby Puts out Old Flames”, “Great Communicator”, “Cigarette for a Drag Queen”, “The Higher the Hair the Closer to God”, “We Ride”, “White Jesus of 114th Street”, “Prosthetic Aesthetic”, “Lipstick Game”, “Thanksgiving Day for Cats”, “One Daughter Hotter than A Thousand Suns”, “Communication Breakdance”, “ZZ Topless”, “Vacations”, “Heart of Gold, Jacket of Leather”, “Stop Eating While I’m Smoking”, “Honky, Please!”, and more. yea. we like it too. We call this one “Rye Coalition live & in-person, celebrating 70 years of Jack Leto.” It will be available for purchase soon! Sign up for updates to the right, or on Rye Coalition’s facebook page.Rye Coalition Live Concert DVD artwork

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