Limited edition merch available on Kickstarter!

We continue our shameless plug of our Kickstarter campaign, currently underway. But we have good intentions: we wouldn’t want to see you miss out on an opportunity to snag some killer Rye merch before it disappears. All items are out-of-print, and we only have limited editions of each item. But Rye has offered them here as rewards for you.

For a $35 pledge, not only do you get a Rye T, but also the RYE COALITION LIVE & IN PERSON: CELEBRATING 70 YEARS OF JACK LETO live concert DVD, mixed by Paul Fig. You also get a special Thanks in the film credits and stuff. For $55, you can get the track jacket or hoodie, also with these perks. SWEET.

All sizes/styles are limited. IF we succeed at reaching our Kickstarter goal, then we send out a survey where you get to choose which one you want. More good stuff is available, check out pix in our Gallery.

Here’s some examples:

Pegasus track jacket

Jess Rotter tshirt design

Skull T or hoodie by Dan Rumain

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