Rye for the Holidays!

To help fuel the documentary, we have released the first and ONLY Rye Coalition LIVE DVD, available for your viewing pleasure. It was shot entirely at the sold-out Rye Coalition comeback show in 2011 at Maxwell’s in Hoboken, NJ. Order it here (proceeds go to help finish the doc!). Over 2 hours of fist-pumping jersey pride, mixed by recording engineer Paul Fig. James Damion wrote this review of the DVD:

“Back in January of 2010 I was already writing for Jersey Beat covering local shows, writing and above all taking lots and lots of pictures for the site. One day I got an email from Jim asking if I’d like to cover Rye Coalitions one off reunion and 70th Birthday celebration of David and Gregg Leto’s Dad Jack. I was already dead set on going but had once again forgotten to get tickets. Covering the show meant I didn’t need to hustle for one prior to the show. “Fuck Yeah” The band hadn’t played in five years but truthfully I hadn’t seen them since the 90′s. That night at Maxwells was by far one of, if not the, most incredible shows I had been to in my life. Now, for the first time since we’re able to experience it through more than some random memories and about a hundred or so photos.

Live & in Person” features the entire set from that February 19th 2011 set. The footage is exceptional, capturing the energy, enthusiasm and raw intensity of the bands performance. As I watched it I felt the same chills I experienced that night. Though I have to admit it was a little more comfortable watching from home than being front center. Not having Ralph Cuseglio’s sweat dripping all over my camera was a big plus. Bonus features include interviews with Maxwells booking guru Tod Abramson and a very animated Alap Momin (Dälek). There’s also a trailer for the upcoming Rye documentary

“Story of the Hard Luck Five”. The trailer itself is, for lack of a better description,
hair raising. If this doesn’t make you wet….. I don’t know what will. Whether you’re a long time or casual fan of the band, this is a must…” – James Damion


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One Response to Rye for the Holidays!

  1. Judy Tergis says:

    Good to see Jack’s sons playing hard rock! He always loved good music.

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