The movie is being edited NOW… for all of you who have generously offered to send in your photos and footage– now IS the time!

The cut is currently running at a Scorsese-enviable 4 hours 3 minutes. We’ll be cutting down stuff from there, and as always, will be posting outtakes on facebook and on the members only page on this site. stay tooooned..

We think this is the earliest Rye “concert” footage we have. If you have pre-94, get in touch with us asap! theryecoalition@gmail.com
Thanks to JAMO for his hilArious and eerily detailed commentaries on the videos we’ve been putting out.

“This clip is from Lincoln, NE. First tour. Summer of 1994. We played in a basement in Lincoln on one of our first stops heading west on our first tour, summer of 1994. While making our way back east, we were asked to play there a second time but instead of a basement, we played at this cafe.. Can’t remember the name but I remember going to some beach after the show with a couple of girls. We all drove out to this area and it was pitch black. They wanted us all to go skinny dipping in the river or lake or whatever kind of body of water it was..”

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