Q: When will Rye Coalition play again? A: that’s up to YOU!

Rye Coalition really want to see our Kickstarter fundraiser work so this movie can finally get finished. They have generously agreed to play ONE MORE SHOW to a funder who pledges the entire kickstarter goal (5500), thereby ensuring our success. If you know any promoters who might be interested in Rye Coalition for a festival, or perhaps a 13-yr old who has a hankering to breeze through their parents mulah to book the most un-jewish bar mitzvah band ever, then please– let them know about us!

This is big– Rye has only played one show in five years, and it was the “Rye Coalition live & in-person: celebrating 70 years of Jack Leto” sold-out Maxwells show, which we are offering here on DVD as a kickstarter reward for $25. The trailer for the DVD is viewable below. They are worth every penny.

To quote photographer James Damion: “I saw Rye a handful of times in the 90′s and was there for their reunion show at Maxwells. They pour every morsel of energy, emotion and sweat into each and every song. Just a balls out, in-your-face Rock n’ Roll apocalypse.”

There’s a lot of other projects out there on kickstarter. But we hope you vote for us. Vote for rock!

Click to view video of Rye Coalition live & in-person (Maxwells, 2011)

Rye Coalition at Maxwells photo by HJWimages

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